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That's CRACK

On, November 5, 1993, Maurice “Docman” Robinson was born in Yuma, AZ. His mother and father were stationed there at the time. In 1995, Robinson’s parents split, and his mother moved to New York. They moved into an apartment with his two cousins, Lenard Gibson (LG) and Nathanial Robinson. LG, his older cousin, was into the drug dealing epidemic of the 90s. Docman was heavenly influenced by the things that were happening around him. Typical life in Queensbridge in the late 90s was rough. His mother was struggling to make ends meet as she worked two jobs. With his mother not being home, Docman was forced to take to the streets for that attention.


On January 27, 2004, LG was hanging outside of a nightclub in Manhattan. At approximately 12:35 AM, a black SUV parked at the end of the block. As LG proceeded to walk down the street, 3 masked men jumped out of the car and short Gibson to death. Docman was in his neighborhood when a couple of his close friends came to inform him. Three years later, Docman, Nathanial, and his mother moved to Virginia. After two years, Docman moved to Houston, TX.

In 2006, Docman moved to Houston, TX. Originally landing in the south west side of Houston, Docman's mother, Kim, relocated to the south east side of Houston. Docman attended Dobie High School and joined various clubs. While in high school, he joined the debate team. Through is successes on the team, Docman earned a scholarship to Texas Southern University. After graduating in 2017, Docman pursued music full time.


Docman didn’t start rapping in 2007. His journey started back in 2004 when his cousin was killed. Before his cousin’s demise, LG would freestyle on the corners of New York while he sold drugs. Docman, being around him all the time, was amazed by the love he was getting off of making words rhyme. While his cousin was on his death bed, he told Docman to “never let anyone get in between him and success.” Docman says, “I rap because it helps me connect with him.”


Back when his cousin was on the corner selling drugs, Docman would always want to participate. Everything his older cousin would do, he would try to emulate. So, in-turn, everyone in the neighborhood nicknamed him “Down On Crime”. After a while, Maurice shortened it to Doc. As Doc became more into rap, he felt the need to change his name. At the time Robinson was very into Wu-Tang and Def Squad. He was particularly into Method Man and Redman. When Doc finally decided to change his name, he followed suit and added “man” at the end of “doc”.

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